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Animals that are eaten alive

Shocking! Some people think that eating animals is one of the worst things to do. But these dishes are really horrible. These animals are eaten alive! We wonder why people do this and if it actually tastes better. It looks pretty horrible and in some cases you could call this animal abuse. Although we do have to consider that we eat oyster too, sometimes... Apparently they are also still alive. Look and shiver:

Sannakji How is a dish from Korea. A living octopus is cut into pieces and then sprinkled with sesame seeds and oil. You have to chew carefully because the moving tentacles can get stuck in your throat.

Ikizukuri is a Japanese dish. In the restaurant you pick a fish from the tank and it will bee served in minutes. The fish is felted but still alive, you then have to eat the still living organs.

Drunken Shrimp is a popular dish in China. The shrimps are immersed in the strong alcoholic drink “Baiju” and then eaten.

Odori Ebi is the Japanese version of the drunken shrimp. These baby shrimps are immersed in sake and called dancing shrimps.

Casu Marzu is a cheese that has matured for such a long time that it is filled with maggots. The cheese should been eaten with the living maggots in it. This is not without danger, sometimes the maggots survive in your stomach. The cheese is illegal in most countries but is available in Sardinia.

Oysters are perhaps the animals that are eaten alive most often. We know it as an aphrodisiac.

Sea urchins are very popular in Italy. They are dived up from the sea and cut open. They have to be eaten immediately.

The Ying Yang Fish is also know als the “dead-and-alive fish” and is mostly eaten in China. The body of the fish is fried, but the head not. On your plate the head will still move around.

A salad with living ants is served in one of the best restaurants of the world: Noma in Copenhagen. The ants are cooled so they will move very slowly on your plate. They taste like lemon.


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