18-09-2012 | Beauty

How not to Attract Guys

We might be super enthusiastic about our new haircut of new heavy make-up look, but guys often disagree. 10 looks men hate on women.

Pixie Cut - He: "Looks like Aaron Carter"

Dark Red Lips - He: "Gets messy while kissing"

With a Baseball Hat - He: "Looks boyish"

Bangs - He: "Got something to hide?"

The Bun - He: "The housewife-look"

Ponytail - He: "Uncreative"

Edgy - He: "Looks dirty"

Super Dark Smokey Eye - He: "Too much ink"

Out-of-bed-Hair - He: "Buy a brush"

Metallic Smokey Eye - He: "Just not sexy"

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